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Hoverboards, self-lacing shoes and flying timemachines... We all have different things, we remember from the iconic Trilogy.

On this site you´ll find info about the Back to The Future-movies, you´ll be able to see parts of my private collection of BTFF-memorabilia, and I´ll show you some of the awesome experiences I have had with Back to The Future.

As with many other great movies, BTFF has a large, world-wide group of highly dedicated fans. Together with my wife, Maria, and quite a few of these fellow fans, I have travelled round to experience actual locations, and been lucky enough to meet and greet not only the actors, but also the hard-working people behind the productions of the Trilogy.

To this day, there´s still so much activity surrounding the movies of the Trilogy. Location sites are daily visited by fans from all over the world, and the actors from the movies are still out there performing their memorable characters much to the delight of the fans.

Back to The Future has earned a cult-like status, and even now - 30 years on - the adventures of Doc and Marty still live on.

About me

My name is Thomas, and I am a BTFF-enthusiast!

Well, that might just be the biggest understatement ever, yet it seem the only appropriate describtion.

Since I first saw Back to The Future with my father in 1985, I instantly fell in love with the movie and since the whole Trilogy.

When I was a small child, the doctors told my parents that I probably would never be able to walk in a normal manner. Also, they were told, that I would have to take special precautions with all physic activities, as to make sure I would not suffer any further disability. I grew up with that fear constantly at the back of my head for years, affecting everything I did - until I saw Marty McFly riding a skateboard off the back of a car.

I just knew, I had to try that too...!

I am now as much of a grown man, as I will ever be. And I am happy to say that I am fully able to stand, walk and even run. Also, I am immensely pleased to say, that I have ridden a skateboard off the back of a car. And not just any car, at that.

Off a Delorean!

I have amassed a lifetime of love for the Trilogy and the entire BTTF-universe. I have gathered a great collection of BTTF merchandice, replicas and props. I have become a part of an extensive network of fans, people who have worked on the movies and even people, who to this day still works with BTTF and BTTF-events throughout the entire world.

I have also been so lucky as to marry a woman, who shares my love for the Trilogy (perhaps in a slightly less obsessive manner, though). Together, we have travelled and had so many wonderful experiences with Marty, Doc and so much more BTTF-related stuff.


On this website, I´ll let you into my geeky world, share pictures of my ever-growing collection and, of course, also show you our experiences with Back to The Future.